Providing Professional Disc Jockeys , Videography , Photo Booths , Uplighting & Monograms 

  • FAQ

    • Why you should always meet your DJ before booking him ?

      You will never know how good your DJ is until you meet with him first. Make sure he is passionate and loves what what he does. You don't want a cookie cutter DJ.

    • Why should i always call the DJ Company that i am interested in 1st instead of asking for a quote?

      Having the opportunity to book a great DJ is important make sure that he always answers all your questions properly if he doesn't he probably does not have enough experience you don't want to book that DJ,but also making sure that he is willing to work with you on your needs & budget is equally important.

    • Why do I have to sign a contract and how much is the deposit?

      A contract will allow you to lock in the date and secure your DJ. If you can't get to our studio right away. We offer a money back guarantee on the $200.00 deposit until we meet . This works great for clients that live out of town or just can't get to us right away.This allows you to book a great DJ and not have to lose your date. We stand behind our product. We are the only DJ company offering this service .

    • Does your DJ have back up equipment ?

      It is so important to hire a full-time professional DJ not a DJ that does this as a part time hobby. When you hire Ultimate Entertainment Inc. we will provide you state of the art equipment and a premium light show along with backup equipment.We only have one chance to get this right for you.

    • Can Wedding DJ provide music and sound for the ceremony too?

      Over half the Weddings we do offer outdoor ceremonies. It is so important for us to be able to help you pic out the proper music for your ceremony our clients love the selection we have to offer and we will also provide a complete sound system and mic's for your minister. We work very close with the staff at your Wedding to provide proper timing with all your ceremonial music.

    • Where do we meet to work on all our music ?

      We have a wonderful studio with a complete sound system and lights for you to view along with sampling music for you. Your ceremony, grand entrance cake cutting, cocktail music ,dinner music and of course all the great dance music from 1940 to 2017. We will also help you with your traditional dances bride & groom song father & bride song groom & mother song. You can also put together some of your favorite songs you want us to play. And the cheesy songs you don't want us to play as well.