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  • DJ & Entertainer Joe Nagraba

    January 10, 2019 | News
  • From the minute we walked in to meet Joe on our first meeting we knew this was the guy that we needed to have for our Wedding. It was a no - brainer. Joe was our first meeting and our last . We signed all the paperwork the very first meeting. There was no "hey lets think about it, lets meet some other DJ's or get some other quotes " It was if we don't sign him now he might not be available tomorrow- we need to lock this guy up today, tonight, right now before he's gone ! So we did and it was the best decision we ever made ! His passion for music and your wedding are uncanny. Joe is not your typical DJ he is an entertainer. He doesn't just come to your wedding and play a list of songs and collect a paycheck. He brings it ! The way Michael Jordan does in basketball, the same fire Tom Brady has on on the foot field, the way Derek Jeter plays baseball the right way. This is Joe-he brings his best all the time and we were fortunate to be a part of it.

    We thought we would bring our DJ a list of songs and he would incorporate those songs and play some that he feels will be good. NO, this isn't how it works and i found that out fast. Joe is an artist and feels the dance floor for what everyone is dancing too and brings in people at the right times for a fast song, a slow song and dance song and mixes it up so all all the guests are on the dance floor at the same time . So what did we do-we ditched our playlist and said wow Joe's got this handled. Let him do his thing and let's see how he does. With Weddings you get stressed with all that it brings, but with Joe the stress went away. Never once before our Wedding did we doubt Joe would disappoint, it was just like he drew it up on a chalk board. Very professional, comes in and greets and congratulates us upon arrival and goes over all the entrance, dance music for us etc. Perfect ! Now it's go time and ready to get the dance floor packed. Just like he drew it up again,he brings in the slow song to reel the older guests in then plays faster song then a little bit of this and a little bit of that all night and the dance floor stays packed the entire night.

    At one point one of our guests says he has really has a great voice and we were like who. We look over and it's Joe and then he brings the crowd into it with some good riffs. Truly Amazing. He is so good that its closing time midnight and the dance floor still packed and the last song is done and the lights turn on and everyone is not ready to leave and they all scream " one more song, one more song " lights go off and we get one more song... Now that is some entertainment !

    We were so blessed to truly get lucky and get Joe from Ultimate Entertainment to be at our Wedding and we hope anyone who reads this gets the same. Every once in awhile in life you meet that person who you were supposed to meet at the right time for the right reason. I truly believe that we were blessed by someone to have Joe be available for us. If anyone is looking for someone who #1 has Passion for what he does and # 2 cares about the people he works for then you need to hire Joe because he does not disappoint. Those 2 ingredients are why Joe is so successful and will make your day the Best Day Ever !

     Love Eduardo and Katie